Like GPS for your support agents
Cloud-based contact center software that optimizes live support
interactions and lets your agents create happier customers in record time

Turn-by-turn guidance for tech support

Now with SupportCam™ “eyes on the problem” remote video service

What if your contact center support team never made a wrong turn? What if they had an onboard GPS that guided them every step of the way, through every customer interaction? You’d have more productive agents. A support center that runs more efficiently. And much happier customers far more likely to boost your revenue by buying from you again.

Nexus Connect SDK

Award-winning Nexus support functionality integrated right into your consumer or business mobile IoT apps named
Frost & Sullivan’s SIO “Company of the Year”

Say goodbye to complexity, confusion, and doubt. Say hello to simplicity, certainty, speed, and accuracy. Say hello to Nexus, the flagship software of Support Interaction Optimization, built on our experience of tackling 20,000 support interactions a day.

Life is better when technology does what it’s supposed to do.

We want to make that happen for everyone by providing dramatically

easier ways to solve complex technical support problems.

Turnkey Tech Support Services

Rather have us handle support for you? Let us deliver world-class support to your customers.

Nexus-driven turnkey support programs from are designed to keep your
customers happy, build your brand, increase your revenue and even improve your products.

Turnkey tech support services for a connected world.

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Our Customers

“We are pleased with our rollout of Nexus® and are seeing real
value from Guided Paths™ for our agents and interaction analytics
for our management team, enabling us to continuously
improve the support we provide for our customers.”
– Steve Zimba, CEO of Mural

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