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Announcing SupportCam™ “Eyes on the Problem”

You’re standing with your torso twisted, staring at the ports on the back of your TV. User manuals, cables and a cable router are strewn over the floor of your living room. You’ve read that you have to connect the cables to the boxes in a certain order, but you’ve done it twice and it’s […]

Optimizing Your Contact Center Tech Support Interactions

Last week I wrote – in Part 1 of this three-part blog series, – about providing real-time guidance to tech support representatives, and how this is the next big thing for contact centers. In fact, on-screen guided support is already provided to the reps of many brands that garner high customer ratings. Whether it’s break-fix […]

Mural Proves the Value of Support Interaction Optimization (SIO)

As pointed out by Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Nancy Jamison in her blog, support interaction optimization (SIO) is a new and powerful tool that helps companies improve their customer experience, lower costs, and measure the results. Case in point is Mural, a Portland, Oregon-based professional services company that specializes in cloud IT sales, onboarding, […]

Top Picks at the ICMI Contact Center Expo and Conference

The Support.com team is headed to Orlando for the ICMI Contact Center Expo and Conference May 4th – 7th and we hope to see you there! This year’s conference combines the best of all worlds – a huge expo hall with some of the best contact center technology and service providers and product-free sessions for […]

Optimizing Your Contact Center Tech Support Interactions

Support is hard. And it’s getting harder. Whether it’s emotional support of a friend going through a tough time, or tech support of a caller having a problem with a smart phone or device, knowing how to respond is vital. With the friend, it’s enough if they know you care – if you’re empathetic and […]

New Webinar: Driving Call Center Performance with SIO (Support Interaction Optimization)

Consumer technology is growing more complicated every day. But supporting it doesn’t have to be complex. In a recent webinar titled, “Driving Call Center Performance with Support Interaction Optimization,” representatives from Frost & Sullivan, Mural, and Support.com discussed how SIO is changing the way support organizations resolve complex issues and ensure customer satisfaction. F&S webinar […]

New Webcast: IoT and the Connected Consumer

In a recent webcast titled, “A New Customer Experience: IoT and the Connected Consumer,” Parks Associates research analyst Patrice Samuels joined Chris Koverman and Sampath Gomatam of Support.com to discuss the complexities of offering support in an Internet of Things (IoT) world. Ubiquity of Connected Devices IoT IssuesSetting the stage for the webcast, Samuels discussed […]

iOPEX CEO: “Secret Sauce” Behind Double-Digit Gains

In a recent contact center optimization webinar, the CEO of iOPEX technologies touted “the tremendous amount of success,” his company has seen in its implementation of Support.com’s Nexus product and Support Interaction Optimization (SIO).

Remote Control in Today’s Connected World

There are dozens of ways to provide tech support to today’s savvy customers. When everything else fails, though, customers typically fall back on Old Reliable, the telephone. Unfortunately, support over the phone, as straightforward as it seems, still involves all sorts of limitations. Most obviously, there is a great gulf separating the support agent from […]

“Company of the Year” Award and the Research Behind it

Support.com was recently honored as “2014 Company of the Year” for Support Interaction Optimization (SIO) by Frost & Sullivan. As you can imagine, we are thrilled with the award and would like to tell you more. But we thought you’d appreciate hearing directly from the source. In its Best Practices Research, Frost & Sullivan defined […]

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