(NASDAQ: SPRT) is a leading provider of cloud-based services and software designed to enhance a customer’s experience with technology.

We enable our partners to create new revenue streams and deepen customer relationships by offering comprehensive technology service programs for consumers and small businesses. Our programs are offered via channel partners, which include leading communication providers, retailers, technology companies and others.

Our solution includes a cloud-based Nexus® Service Platform, mobile and desktop apps, a scalable workforce of technology specialists and proven expertise in program design and execution. Our partners can leverage our Nexus Service Platform in a number of ways, either using our technology specialists or a labor pool of their own choosing. We bring programs to market under our partners’ brands with targeted sets of offerings designed to maximize revenue and deepen customer engagement through an overall positive customer experience.

We support a wide range of devices in the connected home including PCs, Mac® devices, home networks, peripherals, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and cameras. Our consumer programs include wireless network set-up, synchronization and security, malware removal, software set-up and support, device troubleshooting, user education and enablement, and many other offerings. Our programs also include mobile and desktop apps for enhanced security and system optimization. The rapid adoption of tablets and social networks has created a series of new service needs; we are proactively developing new offerings to meet these demands. Our small business programs include workstation set-up and support, proactive server and network monitoring and management, business-class backup and recovery, cloud-based services such as virtual desktops and all applicable service included in our consumer programs.

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March 2015 – Investor Presentation, Positioned for growth