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Nexus is cloud-based tech support software that integrates with your existing customer
service suite to provide step-by-step guidance, full remote access for resolving
complex support issues, and actionable insights for continuous optimization.

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Agent Navigator | Interaction Analytics | Guided Paths® Designer
Gives support teams exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.
Turn information into insight. And insight into action.
Guided Paths® Designer
Drag-and-drop functionality lets you automate and fine-tune your best practices....with no programming required.

“As leaders in implementation of complex software, consistent and high-quality processes are critical for us,” said Steve Zimba, CEO of Mural. “We are pleased with our rollout of Nexus and are seeing real value from Guided Paths for our agents and interaction analytics for our management team, enabling us to continuously improve the support we provide for our customers.”

Steve Zimba
CEO, Mural

Nexus Agent Navigator

Like GPS for your support team

Clean, clear, and button-click simple. Agent Navigator’s easy-to-use interface makes it simple for your customer support reps or agents to click through the exact steps they need to solve even the knottiest customer tech problems. Full-featured remote access to your customer’s connected technology is built right in, and detailed data is gathered throughout the entire interaction, providing valuable insights to help you optimize support interactions and improve the customer experience.

Now with SupportCam™ “eyes on the problem” remote video service

Nexus Connect SDK

Award-winning Nexus support functionality integrated right into your consumer or business mobile IoT apps

Powerful tools depend on smooth deployment and integrating neatly with your other assets. Nexus allows your tech support organization to quickly and confidently deploy Agent Navigator, Nexus Interaction Analytics and Guided Paths Designer directly to the people you’ve authorized to use them. Nexus is fully integrated with major CRM offerings, including Microsoft Dynamics®, SugarCRM® and®.

The advantage of Guided Paths®

Guided Paths are modular, snap-together problem resolution workflows that reflect the best practices of your support team. Each Guided Path takes a complex workflow and transforms it into a step-by-step solution based on the most effective techniques your best support reps are using today.

Build them. Use them. Analyze the results. Make them better.

We designed Guided Paths with three goals in mind. First, they had to deliver superior customer service. Second, they had to deliver hard benefits to the support center from a management perspective. Third, they had to be so easy to create and deploy that no IT support whatsoever would be required.


Instead of information buried deep within a knowledge base, Guided Paths provide solutions your support team can invoke with a button click.

Need to push an update to a smartphone? Click a button.

Send a patch to a PC? Click a button.

Guided Paths can include remote diagnostics, automated fixes, multimedia demos and tutorials, even other Guided Paths…all presented to your support team exactly when they need them.

Advanced remote access is built right in, and so is our amazing new SupportCam™ that lets callers use their smartphones to let your support agents see exactly what the caller is seeing.

Interaction Analytics

Turn information into insight. And insight into action.

Powerful data analysis and customer satisfaction metrics tools track every step of every support interaction. Scorecards and dashboards help you spotlight your best processes, find and remove bottlenecks, and even pinpoint flaws in the products you’re supporting. Most importantly, Nexus Interaction Analytics provide the information you need to continually optimize your library of Guided Paths.

Support Scorecards

Clickable dashboards let you better understand customer satisfaction drivers down to 
individual support interactions and enable you to take pro-active action to avoid churn. You can also analyze customer support rep or agent performance so you can discover who is delivering rock star service, learn from them, and leverage that knowledge across your entire support center organization.

To fix the problem, fix the product.

Nexus data capture dives down to specific products, revealing trouble spots at the device level, including OS, apps and hardware. Product managers get the information they need to make their products even better.

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with Rapid Deployment

of Nexus®

Guided Paths Designer

No IT Required

Drag-and-drop functionality lets you build the right steps in the right order to create Guided Paths perfectly tailored to your specific support needs. Feedback loops let you quickly take what you’ve learned and incorporate it into new or revised Guided Paths for continuous improvement.

All the benefits of the cloud

Problems deploying frequent changes are a thing of the past. Once you build a Guided Path, publish it with a click of a button. Instantly, every support team in every location is working with the same approved and up-to-date solution. Now, not only are you delivering consistent customer service no matter which agent gets the call, but training and coaching time are drastically reduced.

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