Turn every agent into your most productive agent with Nexus®

Nexus is cloud-based productivity and analytics software for tech support.

With Nexus you can:

  • Give agents step-by-step guidance
  • Get real-time analytics tracking for product, process and agent data
  • Easily create and modify agent guidance – no IT required

Optimize your support interactions with Nexus

Major brands, including three of the top five cable companies, the world’s largest security software company, and numerous US retailers, trust us with their customers’ technology support needs over 20,000 times a day in our contact center.

When it comes to agent productivity, we have tried it all, so you don’t have to. We built all of our contact center expertise into Nexus.

Nexus product features:

Agent Navigator
Nexus Agent Navigator gives agents step-by-step guidance and automated tools to optimize support interactions.
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Interaction Analytics
With Interaction Analytics, uncover continuous improvement opportunities in your contact centers and fully optimize every customer interaction.
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Guided Path Designer
With a visual, drag-and-drop tool, contact center managers easily build, maintain and optimize Guided Paths™.
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