Turn Every Agent Into Your Best Agent. With Nexus.

Cloud-based Nexus takes your technical support to the next level with automation and analytics. Based on insights from over 20 million support interactions with consumers and businesses with connected technology, Nexus is designed for supporting today’s and tomorrow’s connected devices.

Increase 1st call resolution, and reduce call time by up to 50%
    1. Guided workflows help agents solve problems quickly on the first try by guiding and automating key steps.
    2. Exponential increase in data with powerful, intuitive analytics. Understand and optimize the details of what happens when your agents are solving problems, not just receiving and tracking contacts.
    3. Remote support for today and tomorrow’s connected world. Connect to more devices, more often – from Android™, to PC and Mac®, even networks and other connected devices.

And because we believe easy is best, all of our capabilities are bundled into one price – no extra license fees for accessing mobile devices, using built-in workflows, or capturing more data like screen recordings.

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Guided Workflows to drive faster problem resolution

Nexus is the only software to provide patent-pending workflow automation that codifies the best practices of high performing agents and ensures compliance with approved procedures. Let workflows do the work for you; automate time-consuming, multi-step activities in ways that lead to faster problem resolution and happy customers.

      • Solve customer problems faster and on the first try. Nexus provides unified, built-in contextual diagnosis and repair tools for connected devices. These tools discover, diagnose, and automatically fix thousands of issues – from how to use a new device to complex malware removals – in accordance with your organization’s workflows, providing the agent with only the relevant information for the issue at hand, saving an average of 50% in average call handle time*.
      • Onboard support agents faster. Guided workflow means that agents don’t need to memorize endless processes and best practices – they follow the recommended workflow to resolve the customer issue.  This reduces training time and enables organizations to onboard agents faster.
      • Use our proven workflows – or your own. At Support.com, we’ve used experiences from over 20 million support contacts to load Nexus with over 300 pre-built tasks and workflows based on the best practices of the highest performing techs for PCs, Macs, Android, iOS, even Google® Nest®!
      • Create new workflows with the drag-n-drop visual designer. Admins can use our visual designer to rapidly create and update cloud-based workflows in minutes, with no scripting or coding required.


Nexus data and analytics provide new insights about service delivery

Gain valuable insights into agent performance and customer needs, with data you’ve never been able to capture before. Optimize support processes with rich, granular data capture and then access the data via Nexus’ easy to use visual interface.

  • Real-time business intelligence dashboards to easily view key service delivery metrics. Interactive data visualizations and clickable dashboards explore key data with engaging and intuitive user interfaces. And since Nexus is cloud-based, our analytics are accessible from any device with an internet connection and simplifies collaboration, allowing you to share and explore interactive dashboards with colleagues in real time.
  • Rich analytic tools, with built-in service delivery dashboards. Perform root-cause analysis, analyze service delivery effectiveness and explore new metrics you didn’t have access to before. By marrying data and gathering insights from a variety of interactions, track agent, device, and other information on a granular, actionable level to help you improve the customer experience.
  • Exponential increase in data capture. Nexus gathers rich data on support interactions, giving you insight that other remote tools can’t; understand and optimize the details of what happens when your agents are solving problems, not just receiving and tracking contacts.View detailed logs of step-by-step workflows, chat and screen recordings of every customer interaction.


Support your technology with Remote Control

Nexus is built to help you support your technology, connecting your agents to PCs, Mac, Android, iOS and other connected devices.

      • True browser-based remote support. No client software on the agent desktop, which means less work for IT, and instant updates to agents.
      • Connect to more devices, more often. We have optimized Nexus  to access some of the most hostile end user computers and devices, often with malware infections, low bandwidth or other constraints. Nexus’ fault tolerant protocol enables it to access these environments with an extremely high level of reliability and resiliency.
      • Designed for today’s – and tomorrow’s technology. Nexus’ powerful device-agnostic architecture means you’re ready for today’s connected devices – and tomorrow’s.